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Coconut Shell Briquettes

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

Coconut Charcoal Briquette  -  is a  compact  block  charcoal  which

made from coconut  shell charcoal.  Our charcoal briquette is made of

granular coconut shell charcoal that is  crushed charcoal  and moulded

using a natural binder. As fuel, it is hotter and last longer than ordinary

charcoal. It is suitable for household use both indoor and outdoor. Also,

it can be used in  food industries, for barbecue,  stove fuel, metallurgy,

etc. .  

Our coconut shell briquettes can come in a number of different sizes and shapes.

The most popular we export is finger stick,  25mm x 25mm cubes and 25mm x 15mm rectangular blocks.

Also popular are our pillow shaped briquettes for BBQ.


All conveniently packed to your specifications.

Our graphic art team will help deign or duplicate your design onto any size cardboard box. Whether you need 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 10kg or even 20kg boxes or bags.