Coco fibre comes from a completely natural, sustainable and renewable resource. The husk of the coconut is discarded when the nut is harvested, we recycle the husk to make high quality, value-added products. Coconut fibre is clean and free from contaminates, it ships compressed and is lightweight for easy handling. Used Coconut fibre is recyclable biodegradable, it can be used as fuel or as a soil conditioner.

Coconut fibre stands apart from other natural fibres in several ways:

• It is the thickest, stiffest and most resilient of all commercial natural fibres,

• Its cellular structure makes it weaker and more elastic than other natural fibres,

• The cell walls of fibre and pith contain more lignin than any other commercially relevant natural fibre, including wood. Lignin is a natural polymer, which adds strength and elasticity to the cellulose-based fibre walls.

Coco Fibre